eLearn provides institutions with the world's
most advanced school management system

Starting a New Wave

We help schools improve their structure: automate all the busy work, open your doors to the world wide web, engage the learning community, increase student performance through connectivity, and cut-out revenue loss from disorganization. We lend a helping hand and help aim your school for success.

A Brief History

The idea for eLearn originated when a former instructor started encountering trouble while maintaining his students' grades. His school utilized a series of different systems to manage their wealth of information. Different systems had been introduced to tackle different problems over a large period of time: a separate platform was used for storing student contact information, current student grades, past student grades, attendance records, and each student's payment history.

The lack of coherence between systems made importing and maintaining information a chore of its own. Upset about the drawbacks, and with this in mind, he contacted us in hopes of developing a small-scale solution to integrate all the existing systems into one interface.

After witnessing the complicated mess firsthand, we determined that a front-end interface wasn't the proper solution. Rather, replacing the string of frameworks with a solid infrastructure was in order. We became determined to develop a system to not only solve his woes, but to conquer the issues of everyday school management. Based on both positive and negative feedback in regards to prior methods, we set forth to create eLearn, a simple to use interface designed from the ground up for schools.

From general record keeping, to school specific idiosyncrasies, eLearn was more than capable of managing, and even included the ability to import data from the multiple previously used platforms.

What do we do, that others can't?

Now, more than ever, it is critical that students, administrators and educators have the tools they need to meet their challenges by gaining the knowledge they need to succeed. For everyone at eLearn, that means working with institutions of all types to enrich the education experience they deliver to their constituents.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or call us at 1-800-AT-ELEARN.